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Washington – US President Donald Trump has not had a fever since Friday, he is better and if the treatment continues well, he could be released from the hospital on Monday. A team of doctors announced this at a briefing in front of Walter Reed Hospital, where the president is hospitalized for coronavirus infection.

Trump‘s attending physician, Sean Conley, confirmed today that the president had twice received extra oxygen due to low blood oxygen levels. According to the doctor, the president had a fever on Friday and his blood oxygen saturation dropped below 94 percent, which was repeated on Saturday. He now has a 98 percent saturation, according to his team of doctors. Doctors were not told whether the president had developed lung damage due to coronavirus.

At Saturday’s briefing, Conley avoided asking reporters if the president had been given extra oxygen and repeated that the president was doing well. A few hours later, the media reported that, according to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Trump‘s condition was very worrying on Friday, as his blood oxygen level dropped and he had a fever. The resignation thus differed somewhat from the optimistic content of Saturday’s briefing. Today, Conley did not escape a question from journalists as to why he did not say on Saturday whether the president had received oxygen. The doctor replied that he wanted to “reflect the positive mood” of the president and his team of doctors. He added that he did not want to “provide any information that could turn the course of the disease in another direction. At the same time, it seemed as if we were trying to hide something, which was not necessarily true.”

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