Who won the US presidential election? Trump or Biden? Leave a comment

Who won the US presidential election? Trump or Biden? Americans are electing a president. Most polling stations on the east coast of the United States began opening at six o’clock in the morning local time (noon CET), and now the rooms are mostly closed. More than 100 million people voted in advance by correspondence or in person. The US election reached a finale with the increasing spread of coronavirus and signs of strong tension in society. People came to the polling stations with their faces covered, and plywood boards covered the facades of many shops and other businesses.

In a morning interview with Fox News, Trump said he saw his chances of winning hopefully, saying “there is no reason to play games.” He mentioned the crowds of his followers as proof of support and dismissed fears that he might declare himself the winner before the result was clear. During a visit to his constituency in Arlington, he admitted that he would not be easy to lose.

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