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US President Donald Trump prepared a surprise for his supporters. He briefly left the military hospital where he was transported after being diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. He drove in front of the hospital in an armored car and greeted the fans, writes the DPA agency. The ride lasted several minutes, the AFP agency noted.

“President Trump took a short ride in a convoy of motor vehicles to wave to his supporters outside (in front of the hospital) and has now returned to the presidential suite inside Walter Reed Hospital,” the White House said in a statement. The record shows Trump with a veil and at least two other people who were in the car with him.

The team of the president’s doctors said on Sunday that Trump has not had a fever since Friday, he is better and if the treatment continues well, he could be released from the hospital on Monday. “I learned a lot about covid. I learned it by experiencing it myself. It’s a school of life, “Trump said in a short video, saying that it was not something he would read about in books and that it was” something very interesting “.

However, some American media point out that it has not yet been convincingly and clearly stated when Trump was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. Confusion was also caused by his personal doctor, who said on Saturday that the coronavirus was diagnosed by the president “72 hours ago”. That would mean Trump knew about the positivity before he met supporters and financial donors in Minnesota and New Jersey on Wednesday night and Thursday, where he raised money for his election campaign.

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