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This year’s US presidential election will be fundamentally different from all previous ones. This is clear from Friday, when President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he and his wife Melania had tested positive for coronavirus. They are two more of the approximately 7.3 million Americans who have been infected.

Trump must be quarantined for at least two weeks, so he cannot attend pre-election rallies in person. He will not be able to campaign in the so-called field and go around the cities or states where the decision of the election on November 4 will be decided. However, his favorite way of communicating via the Twitter social network is not affected in any way by quarantine.

“President Trump took a short ride in a convoy of motor vehicles to wave to his supporters outside, and has now returned to the presidential suite inside Walter Reed Hospital,” the White House said in a statement.

Trump was sitting in the back of his armored all-terrain vehicle, with a veil on his face and waving to his supporters, the BBC station said on its website. According to the AFP agency, the ride took several minutes.

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