Trump has no fever, but the coronavirus COVID-19 has not yet defeated Leave a comment

US President Donald Trump, who is in the hospital with coronavirus, said in a video posted on Twitter that the coming days will be a real test. He has no fever, but Trump‘s personal physician, Sean Conley, warned that the White House chief was not out of danger yet.

His doctor, Sean Conley, said on Saturday that the president was free of fever and did not need oxygen treatment. Nothing changed even until the late evening of local time (above the morning of the CET), when Conley said in a statement that the president worked most of the afternoon and moved smoothly in his hospital suite. According to him, the medical team remains “cautiously optimistic”.

“It’s something that happened to millions of people around the world,” he said of his illness. “And I’m fighting for them, not just for people in the United States, to defeat this coronavirus, or whatever you want to call it,” said Trump, who sometimes calls the coronavirus a “Chinese virus” because the disease spread from earlier this year. China.

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