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Tag: disambiguation

Lacour (disambiguation) – Wikipedia

Lacour or LaCour may refer to: Paul-Armand Challemel-Lacour (1827-1896), French statesman Josephine White deLacour (1849-1929), American physician, suffragist Alice Vassar LaCour (1870s – 1924), American educator, singer Edmund G. LaCour Jr. (born 1985), American lawyer Fred LaCour (1938-1972), American professional basketball player Georges Lacour-Gayet (1856-1935), French historian Guillaume Lacour (born . . . Read more

Minaya (disambiguation) – Wikipedia

Minaya may refer to: Surname Isairis Minaya, (born 1992), Dominican football manager, former footballer. Joiri Minaya, (born 1990), American multidisciplinary artist. Juan Minaya, (born 1991), Dominican professional baseball player. Juan Minaya Molano, (born 1941), Colombian chess player. Leo Minaya, American film actor. Leo Perez Minaya, American businessman and engineer. Leopoldo . . . Read more

Shane Martin (disambiguation) – Wikipedia

Shane Martin (born 1971) is an American senator. Shane Martin may also refer to: Shane Martin (cricketer) (born 1973), an Australian professional cricketer George Johnston (novelist) (1912–1970), an Australian journalist, war correspondent and novelist who writes under the pseudonym Shane Martin Shane Martin (1967–2021), a former bikie and the father . . . Read more

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