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Who will win the 2020 US presidential election? This is how Trump and Biden’s preferences develop.

The US presidential election is probably the most important election of this year, so it is logically the subject of many surveys of preferences, which provide a picture of the favorite of the autumn election race. We followed the preferences of the candidates in the Democratic primaries, from which Joe Biden emerged victorious. We are now following the evolution of preferences between him and current President Donald Trump.

Since March of this year, Joe Biden has maintained a steady few percent lead over Donald Trump. In the spring months, it fluctuated between 5 and 6 percent nationwide. After the death of African-American George Floyd and subsequent protests, Biden’s lead rose to ten percent, but in August it dropped again to a level of about seven percent, which lasts about a month before the presidential election.

There was no traditional strengthening of both candidates during the nomination conventions of their parties, their slight increase in support quickly returned to the old ways. Interestingly, Joe Biden’s support has not fallen below the “magic” 50% limit since June, with which a loss in the presidential election should be almost ruled out.

However, it is necessary to add to the surveys that they usually also include the answers of voters who are not sure of their turnout. This may produce partially different results in elections.

How will you choose? Will you choose Trump or Biden?

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