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LightStep – Wikipedia

LightStep is an American software development company known for its observability platform, which provides distributed tracing technology for application performance monitoring.[1] It is currently headquartered in San Francisco.[2]

The software has been used by companies such as Lyft, Twilio, and Yext.[3][4]


Lightstep was founded in 2015 by former Google engineer Ben Sigelman, Ben Cronin, and Daniel Spoonhower.[5][6][7]</ref> At Google, Sigelman was one of the creators of Dapper, Google’s production distributed systems tracing infrastructure.[8][9]

Lightstep’s first product was application performance management software Lightstep PM, which released in 2017.[10][11][12]

At the beginning of 2020, Lightstep introduced the Service Health for Deployments solution, which allows users to identify and address performance issues during deployments.[12]

In September 2020, Lightstep released OpenTelemetry Launchers, which uses distributed tracing and software tools from the open source project OpenTelemetry to identify performance issues.[13]

Lightstep added a new performance and change monitoring feature called Change Intelligence to its observability platform in February 2021.[14][15][16][17]


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