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It’s nonetheless frequent to begin college students with a procedural and statically typed language reminiscent of Pascal, C, or a subset of C++ or Java. College students could also be higher served by studying Python as their first language. Python has a quite simple and constant syntax and a big commonplace library and, most significantly, utilizing Python in a starting programming course lets college students focus on essential programming expertise reminiscent of downside decomposition and information sort design. With Python, college students could be rapidly launched to fundamental ideas reminiscent of loops and procedures. They will in all probability even work with user-defined objects of their very first course.

For a scholar who has by no means programmed earlier than, utilizing a statically typed language appears unnatural. It presents extra complexity that the scholar should grasp and slows the tempo of the course. The scholars are attempting to be taught to suppose like a pc, decompose issues, design constant interfaces, and encapsulate information. Whereas studying to make use of a statically typed language is essential in the long run, it isn’t essentially one of the best subject to handle within the college students’ first programming course.

Many different elements of Python make it a very good first language. Like Java, Python has a big commonplace library in order that college students could be assigned programming initiatives very early within the course that do one thing. Assignments aren’t restricted to the usual four-function calculator and verify balancing packages. By utilizing the usual library, college students can achieve the satisfaction of engaged on sensible purposes as they be taught the basics of programming. Utilizing the usual library additionally teaches college students about code reuse. Third-party modules reminiscent of PyGame are additionally useful in extending the scholars’ attain.

Python’s interactive interpreter allows college students to check language options whereas they’re programming. They will maintain a window with the interpreter working whereas they enter their program’s supply in one other window.

There are additionally good IDEs for Python. IDLE is a cross-platform IDE for Python that’s written in Python utilizing Tkinter. PythonWin is a Home windows-specific IDE. Emacs customers will likely be joyful to know that there’s a superb Python mode for Emacs. All of those programming environments present syntax highlighting, auto-indenting, and entry to the interactive interpreter whereas coding. Seek the advice of the Python wiki for a full record of Python enhancing environments.

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