Is it possible to become infected with COVID-19 twice or more? Leave a comment

The idea of a world that is no longer under the control of covid-19 is linked to the existence of the collective immunity that has been mentioned so much. It is simply necessary to ensure that the bodies of a sufficient number of people can defend themselves against the virus themselves – either thanks to a vaccine or because a person has already contracted the disease. The problem is that no one yet knows whether the first or second option will really always protect a person – and if so, for how long.

Hong Kong researchers, for example, recently reported the case of a young man who first became infected in Hong Kong and four months later in Spain. This is both a long time and the gene strain of the virus has changed slightly in four months. Therefore, thanks to gene sequencing, the researchers were able to confirm that there were indeed two different cases of infection. However, despite the first truly scientifically proven incidents, humanity is still far from being clear on the matter.

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