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Create interesting content
Start a corporate or personal blog and address issues related to your focus. Help others solve their problems, show industry news and analyze their own successes and mistakes. Thanks to the blog, you can better connect the website with each other and bring new visitors to your website through interesting phrases.

Of course, it is necessary for visitors to be interested in what they find on your site. Write informative articles, take photos, create videos and infographics – but everything should have a good format and structure so that the content is not only stimulating, but also easily digestible.

Win with captions and meta captions
Be sure to fill in the title and meta description for each page of the site. These texts have a great influence on whether people visit the site or not. They are usually the first thing people from your site will see.

The caption appears in the search results along with the meta caption. The texts should be concise, concise and tempting. Briefly describe in them what you will see after a click and try to impress the reader. You have approximately 60 characters (in the case of a caption) and 156 characters (in the case of a meta caption).

Share content on social networks
Having an account on Facebook at least is almost an obligation today. Choose a social network that matches the focus of your site and get new visitors through them. Share highlights from the web and create new content specifically for the network, both of which will attract new visitors to your site. Always take into account the specifics of the selected network – for example, inform about industry news on Twitter and post pictures from the life of the company on Facebook.

Optimize, but use keywords with feeling
Find out which keywords relate to a specific page on your site and incorporate them sensitively. If possible, place them in all important places, but definitely do not wallpaper them. Think of keywords when describing captions, meta captions, in titles and subheadings, in image descriptions, and in the text itself. But always think mainly of comprehensibility for the reader. If a keyword doesn’t work for you, or if the text doesn’t sound natural when it’s included, don’t use it.

TIP: SEO can significantly increase traffic to your site. For more detailed instructions on how to start optimizing, see Optimizing a website for beginners.

Join discussions
You can also build your name in various counseling centers. Identify those that might be of interest to your readers or potential customers. By advising people and helping them solve their problems, you will gain their trust and strengthen your position as an expert in the field. As a result, you will also increase traffic to your site. You can also non-violently place links to your site in forum posts. But be very careful when it is appropriate and when it could be considered annoying advertising.

Build an email database
Offer e-shop customers or web readers something for free in exchange for e-mail. It can be an e-book full of advice, a discount on a purchase or anything else you might like to get yourself. Gradually, you will build an interesting database to which you can send newsletters and special offers. Thanks to this, you can turn occasional visitors into regular ones. Just pay attention to the appearance of the emails. They should not only contain a simple list of your products, but always something extra. For example, link to articles on the blog, advise and help with the selection of goods, or point out interesting events.

Get backlinks
Our next piece of advice is also related to the previous point. Place links to other relevant sites. Of course, we do not mean spamming and adding irrelevant posts to the comments below the articles. You should add links to trusted sites and only when it really makes sense. For example, write articles in professional magazines, or arrange for the exchange of links with another website.

Lastly, don’t forget that it’s much easier to keep existing site visitors or e-shop customers than to acquire new ones. Therefore, think of those who have already been with you and take care of their needs. There is no point in chasing headlong into increasing traffic. It is far better to focus on making people happy. Then they will recommend you further and do the advertisement more or less for you.

Basic tips to increase traffic:

Create quality, original, and relevant content for your audience.
Find out how search engines work and try to customize them.
Be seen on social networks. Don’t be afraid to invest money in them.
Build a community around your site.
Work on the usability of your website.

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