House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to oust President Trump. She is not mentally well. Leave a comment

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives intends to set up a commission to assess the mental state of President Donald Trump and his ability to hold office. According to her, the head of state has not behaved normally since the infection, probably due to drugs. Trump considers himself a specimen of a perfectly healthy person and called a democratic politician “crazy.”

Pelosi has expressed her intention to set up a special commission to assess Trump’s mental state and his ability to hold the presidency. This would be the first step in activating the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows for the highest office of Vice President in the event of the President’s death, resignation or disability.

The 80-year-old Maryland politician said she was very concerned about the president’s current state. According to her, from the moment he started treatment with coronavirus, he has behaved insanely and someone should examine him. Trump responded to these words on Twitter in his own way. “Crazy Nancy is the one they should look at. They don’t call her ‘crazy’ for nothing! ‘He wrote. He also shared the contribution of his party colleague, who accused Pelosi of the coup.

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