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The way to simply create music utilizing synthetic intelligence? Whether or not you might be an impartial recreation developer, a whole novice in music, or a seasoned skilled composer, AIVA assists you in your inventive course of. Create compelling themes in your tasks quicker than ever earlier than, by leveraging the facility of AI-generated music.

Use our preset algorithms to compose music in pre-defined types:
Fashionable Cinematic, Digital, Pop, Ambient, Rock, Fantasy, Jazz, Sea Shanty, twentieth Century Cinematic

AIVA (Synthetic Intelligence Digital Artist) is an digital composer acknowledged by the SACEM.

Created in February 2016, AIVA focuses on classical and symphonic music composition. It grew to become the world’s first digital composer to be acknowledged by a music society (SACEM). By studying a big assortment of present works of classical music (written by human composers similar to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart) AIVA is able to detecting regularities in music and on this base composing by itself. The algorithm AIVA relies on deep studying and reinforcement studying architectures. Since January 2019, the corporate provides a business product, Music Engine, able to producing brief (as much as 3 minutes) compositions in numerous types (rock, pop, jazz, fantasy, shanty, tango, twentieth century cinematic, trendy cinematic, and Chinese language).

AIVA was introduced at TED by Pierre Barreau.

Our mission is to empower people by creating personalised soundtracks with AI.

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