Biden reverses development and takes the lead. If he keeps it, he will win the election Leave a comment

The president is not elected directly, but through so-called voters. There are a total of 538 voters. The number of voters per country depends on the population of that country. In all but two states, voters are awarded to the winner of the election in that state. In Maine and Nebraska, the votes are counted according to the constituency, and the national winner automatically gets two more votes.

All attention is now focused on the gray states, where votes are still being counted. According to the interim results, Joe Biden leads in five of them, and if he retains his leadership, he will become president.

The closest difference is between Biden and Trump in Michigan, where the current president was at first in the lead for a long time. After Biden overtook his opponent, his team declared that “Joe” was heading for victory. Biden’s campaign also presupposes victory in key Pennsylvania, where the Democrat is noticeably lagging behind at the moment, but there are still millions of correspondence votes to be added.

On the contrary, from the Republican candidate’s camp, if only legal votes were counted, Trump would win. However, Trump tweeted about the clear victory in the morning. “We are in big numbers, but they are trying to steal the election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast until the polls are closed! ”Trump wrote on Twitter.

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